I “almost” made it to the major leagues. I “almost” led my team to the College World Series. I “almost” made it to my grandmother’s funeral. “Almost.” It can be a sad word, can’t it? Some of the “almost’s” in life’s journey we control; some, we can’t. We are not alone. The Bible is filled […]


Almost every day, I talk to coaches. Occasionally, one will say, “We didn’t win because we had no leadership on our team.” Wait a minute, Coach, I thought YOU were the leader! Much, perhaps too much, has been written about leadership. Leadership is all about influence. The truth is, you influence people much more with […]

Don’t Miss It!

The shopping, trimming the tree, the Christmas parties, the one last project at work, the excitement, the stress, your favorite holiday movie with Santa, elves or Griswold’s…then, it’s over and most of us miss it. We miss The Gift. “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever […]