Mound Visits, 1/4/22

During my coaching career I sometimes faced two opponents. The team wearing a different uniform and the opponent within me called anger. Most of the time I was angry with umpires for what I perceived as a missed call. Sometimes it was the opposing coach, players or fans. Sometimes I was angry at my own players for not executing or a poor effort. The vast majority of the time I controlled this volcano of emotions, but when I didn’t it usually ended in embarrassment, an early exit and even apologies. If I had my career to do over I would pray more about both opponents. God helps us to see things more like He sees them when we invite Him in the dugout.

“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.”
(Thomas a Kempis)

“Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.”
(Proverbs 14:29)

Keith Madison
SCORE International

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