Mound Visits, 12/7/17

We live in a time of division, accusation and blame. It’s hard for me to watch the news. Everyone has an agenda.

This morning I have been reflecting on a few days within the last 20 years when I saw people on all networks talking about prayer. A time when I saw our members of Congress, both Democrat and Republican, join together on some steps to pray together.

For a few days, perhaps even a couple of weeks our nation worked as “one team.” One nation, under God…

Whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal or Methodist; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent; Black, White, Brown or mixed…would you join me in prayer this morning for our nation, for our local, state and federal leaders/servants?

It’s OK to disagree…but, remember, One Team.

Keith Madison
SCORE International

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