Mound Visits, 3/6/17

At the peak of my coaching career, I was experiencing a lot of guilt about being away from my family so much. I discussed this with a friend and he asked me to list my priorities. I said here’s what they SHOULD be:
1. God
2. Family
3. Career
My guilt occurred because I was spending 70 hrs. a week with #3, about 10 hrs with #2 and about 3 hrs each week with #1.
My friend said, “let me share with you what I think your priorities should be.
1. Family
2. Career”
My response was, “wait a minute, you’re leaving God out.” My friend said, “no, you place God #1 in your family and #1 within your career. God is always with you, so put him first in all you do.” That advice helped me to deal with the guilt concerning time spent away from family and too little time in prayer and Bible Study. This helped me to become a better father and coach and closer to God. We can pray anywhere, anytime silently, asking God for wisdom. We can’t compartmentalize God.

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  1. “Pray without ceasing” seems to be an impossible command to follow but what if prayer really is a conversation with Jesus, God ,and the Spirit as we do Jesus command to follow Him. Walking and talking with Jesus about our lives as we live out our lives and Jesus said, “I am with you always. He is never first or third on the list; He defines the list..

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