Special Request from the Madison’s and SCORE International

We have been collecting some great items for our ministry to young baseball players and coaches in the Dominican Republic for several years. We have taken as much with us on trips as we physically can, but we have a large amount of bats, gloves, uniforms, shoes, catching gear, Bibles and many other items that need to be taken out of a warehouse and shipped to the Dominican Republic.

A generous friend is paying for the transporting of the items; but before it is sent to the dock in Florida, it needs to be sorted and inventoried. To be honest, we only have one other couple helping at this point, and it’s a bit overwhelming to think about tackling this project without adequate “boots on the ground.” I need at least four couples or eight folks to help Sharon and I count, sort and box this equipment this Saturday, April 4. The location is Shelbyville, KY. So, if you live in the greater Louisville or Central Kentucky area, we would definitely appreciate your help. I know that it’s Easter Weekend, but the generous people who have been donating this warehouse space to us need the space very soon. I’ll buy your lunch!

Many of the Dominican kids and coaches have no gloves, uniforms, Bibles, shoes and very few bats and baseballs. Distributing this equipment opens up the doors for us to serve and to share the Gospel with them. I have often said, giving a Dominican kid a glove or a bat is like giving an American kid the keys to a car.

The warehouse is old, a little dark and a little dirty. I just want to prepare you for a half day of dirty work. Bring working gloves and a little elbow grease. It’s not hard work, but it will take eight-ten people about four hours to get it done.

If you are interested in helping, please give me a call, text or an email and I will provide more details. My email address is:keith@scorebaseball.org. My cell phone number is: 859.230.0580.

This is a great way to help hundreds of people in need in the D.R. Thanks in advance for your help!

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